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How to Write a Change Project in Nursing and 50 More Examples

Importance in Nursing Change

Like any other field, change is important in the field of nursing too. Nurses face different kinds of changes, like the new and innovative technology and EBP which is commonly known as evidence-based practice. These changes are making our healthcare system more efficient. Change project in nursing is important in this regard. When it comes to nursing change, no matter it’s the capstone projects in nursing, it should be positive, but most of the people cannot evaluate that either a change is positive or not.

For this, you have to ask a few questions. For instance, ask will this change improve the clinical results? Will you be able to record these improvements? Will the data help you to make further improvements? Can it remove any obstacles in the way of health care? If the answer to these questions is positive, you have to believe that the change is also positive.

Nursing change is very important for the improvement of the healthcare system. With the increase in population, we need better and efficient systems to fulfil the needs of the increasing number of patients. If we will welcome the nursing change and think about the new nursing change project ideas, we can improve our health care system and reduce the working pressure from all the stakeholders.

efficient change projects in nursing

Nursing Change Project Ideas |Popular Theories in Nursing Change

Nursing change projects are not a new concept. We can find change theories in nursing. Usually, one of these theories is followed in the institution to bring a change. Here we are mentioning a few popular nursing change theories.

Lewin’ theory

It is a popular change theory in nursing practice changes. According to Lewin, there are three stages of change. Unfreezing stag, moving stage and the refreezing stage. This theory says, that there are two forces, one is driving force and other is a resistant force. If the driving force dominates the health system can be changed.

Roger’s theory

This theory is usually applied when long-term change is required. According to Rogers, change has five stages, which are awareness, interest, evaluation, implementation and adoption. The theory says that if the nurses do not adopt the change in the beginning when they will see their fellow nurses adopting the change, they will also adopt it.

Spradley’s theory

This theory is about the constant evolution of the process of change. It is an eight-stage theory, which is practised in many healthcare systems.

These are just a few theories, there are many others too, but these are the most popular one. You can think about a change project in nursing or MSN capstone project ideas, which may end up in a new change theory.

Discover 50 Nursing Change Project Examples

When we talk about the change agents in nursing, they can be money or just one. A change agent can be a nurse, who bring such a change, which can impact nursing services. It can be a staff nurse, a volunteer or nurse leader. However, it is important that the change agent is well aware of the change theories and use the right theory according to the situation because every theory is not for every situation.

awesome change project in nursing topics

Download BELOW the list of 50 topics for your grabbing attention change project in nursing!

How Can You Become a Change Agent?

If you are a nurse, you can also become a change agent. First of all, you have to realize the area, which needs improvement or change. Then you have to study different change theories and find out that which theory is appropriate for your situation. Next, you have to start following that theory. It will be difficult in the start, but with the passage of time, the other nurses will start understanding what you are talking about if for the good. It’s very difficult to be the change agent, but someone has to take the step to change the system.

How to Write the Nursing Change Project?

To write a change project, you can read some nursing change project examples. They will help you to develop your own project.

  • The first step is to diagnose the problem. Look around you and identify a problem. It can be an inefficient system or any nursing practice which need to be changed. You have to be a keen observer in order to write your nursing capstone project.
  • The next step is to find a relevant theory. If you will see past nursing change project papers, you will see the people have used different theories. The important thing is the relevancy to your situation and the type of change you want to bring. You can find a number of change theories in literature.
  • The next step is to write a plan according to your selected theory. Different theories have different steps, you have to follow those steps and write a proper plan for the capstone projects in nursing.
  • Organize the material to present to your supervisor. You have to prove that nurse as a researcher can also be successful.

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