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Professional “How To” in Writing an EBP Paper

Nurse students deal with EBP writing assignments of different types, such as an EBP paper, essay, case report, systematic review, etc. It can be both an independent task and a part of a research project. This type of writing is a challenging part of nursing education, requiring students to critically thinking, significant time costs, and the ability to use library resources. Most importantly, students have to know how exactly they can cope with that task.

We are here to help you with this and save you a lot of time and nerves handling such papers. Keep reading to gain some expert insights into evidence based writing and understand when you need professional support and what exactly. Nevertheless, our writer can assist you with anything, even with a DNP capstone project, researching the latest EBP findings and practices.

What Is EBP Nursing Paper

An evidence based practice paper is a piece that students compose to describe the research results to evaluate the effectiveness of various treatments, diagnoses, and patient care methods. Regarding why is evidence based practice important, it utilizes a systematic approach to making decisions based on evidence rather than personal experience or tradition. It has many advantages for both nursing staff and patients. EBP helps nurses avoid mistakes associated with imperfect practice and gives them confidence in their actions. When nurses implement EBP, they provide the best possible patient care and protect themselves from legal liability.

Evidence-based practice in nursing is the framework of a constant cycle of evidence, theory, and research. Nurses should develop and adapt their medical practice to this ongoing cycle. There are six main steps to implementing this and then preparing a report paper.

  • Assessing the need for changes involves setting specific research questions or hypotheses based on gaps or needs in current knowledge and practice.
  • Searching for the best evidence using credible, peer-reviewed sources, including their assessment in terms of relevance, credibility, and novelty.
  • Synthesizing evidence involves comparing and contrasting the best available sources to identify their differences and similarities, based on which the best EBP nursing approach is found.
  • Planning for change, using the synthesis outcomes, with following drafting changes implementation within specific clinical settings.
  • Realizing and assessing the changes

Once the changes are planned, the implementation stage begins. This involves engaging key figures such as nurse leaders and the nursing staff in the practical application of the new concept.

To ensure the effectiveness of EBP nursing implementation, various change management strategies are applied. Additionally, the change needs to be assessed to evaluate its appropriateness and success.

  • Integrating and supporting changes managed by internal clinical policies and staff guidelines. Assessing practice effectiveness continues to ensure constant improvements in nursing practice and education.

How to Write an Evidence Based Paper: General Steps Part

The steps on how to write an evidence based paper are pretty much the same as if you prepare any other academic paper. However, the execution and specifics of writing depend on the topic and the existing research base.

Choosing your topic

There are various strategies for selecting topics for evidence based practice nursing papers. An idea may come from peer-reviewed articles, class assignments, academic coursework, or previous EBP projects you’ve encountered. Additionally, the Internet is a treasure trove of great topics and ideas.

You must select relevant but, most importantly, debatable issues in your field. Make sure that you have enough research to support your arguments. Discuss topics you suggest with your supervisor to get guidance.

Formulating a PICO question for your subject

  • P (Patient): Who is this intervention for?
  • I (Intervention): What specific practice are you studying?
  • C (Comparison): What do you compare this intervention to? It may not apply to your topic.
  • O (Outcome): What desired outcome are you measuring?

Conducting a literature review.

Use only reliable academic databases and authoritative sources. Focus on recent, high-quality research relevant to the PICO nursing questions you identified earlier.

We recommend you focus on the following sources when writing an evidence based practice paper.

  • Meta-analysis study that employs quantitative methods to examine and synthesize the results from multiple research works comprehensively.
  • Systematic reviews which apply many various methods to collect and analyze data from relevant, reliable sources, providing a thorough evidence synthesis.
  • Case reports that delve into details of a specific patient case or a group, focusing on their treatment and outcomes to provide insights into clinical practices.
  • Cohort studies, involving observation of a specific group over a specific time to assess the impacts of certain interventions.
  • Randomized control studies with unbiased clinical trials to evaluate the effectiveness of a specific nursing evidence based practice within a randomly selected population.

Evaluating the evidence

Regarding academic papers, data can come from both primary and secondary sources. Unlike conducting original research with qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods used for research papers, evidence based practice papers often mainly rely on findings from primary research that have already been published. Thus, ensure the sources of evidence you select fulfill these two criteria.

  • Reliable research usually comes from well-known journals and databases that carefully check their work. For research to be trustworthy in evidence based writing, it needs to be based on solid proof. A good test is to see if repeating the study would give the same results.
  • A study is valid if it follows the rules for good research, is up-to-date and is closely related to the topic of your EBP paper. It’s crucial to check if the study measures what it should.

Also, review each study’s research methodology and design. Assess the evidence’s strengths and weaknesses. Consider factors such as sample size, potential bias, and generalizability.

Writing evidence based practice paper

The evidence-based paper format you must use will depend on the requirements of your institution. More likely, you will use the standard 6-stage structure:

  • Introduction. Introduce your subject, clinical problem, formulated PICO question, and purpose.
  • Background. Give relevant background information and current practice.
  • Literature review. Summarize and critically analyze supporting evidence.
  • Synthesis. Describe the overall findings and discuss their implications for practice.
  • Conclusion. Sum up key points, address limitations, and suggest recommendations.
  • References. List all sources in the required citation format.

Follow this simple outline, be patient, use the knowledge you have gained, and take your time. You’ll end up with the paper you need.

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