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What is evidence based practice in nursing?

Nursing evidence based practice involves using science-based research to make informed patient care decisions. These studies are from various types of medical research like clinical trials & systematic reviews, as well as from expert opinions and best clinical practices. After that, nurses can make informed patient-care decisions, significantly impacting patient care and patient outcomes.

EBP is a working technique that is the driving force of health care. Therefore, it is not surprising that nursing evidence based practice papers are among the most common students’ writing tasks. It may have various forms – EBP case reports, EBP capstone projects, EBP coursework, or EBP thesis. However, the primary purpose of this stays the same.

Why is evidence based practice important in nursing?

The process of evidence based practice is significant because it helps to provide the most effective care, aiming to improve the patient outcome. Patients should receive good care based on the available evidence to neutralize the effects of the disease. However, there’s also another critical factor that proves the importance of evidence based practice nursing. Using such methods makes health professionals wonder why they are doing what they do this way. Is there evidence that can help do the same things effectively?

Another reason why is evidence based practice important is its ability to introduce recent knowledge and tools. EBP drives changes in education, making the existing methods more practice-relevant. Moreover, with evidence-based practice, nursing care becomes more individualized, effective, and focused, maximizing the effects of clinical judgment. Using evidence based practice for nursing specialists to define best practices is more effective than supporting the existing methods, helping to keep pace with technological advances, and using knowledge development more effectively.

The algorithm of the evidence based nursing practice

The main purpose of evidence based practice is to implement the best of the current evidence, the patient’s perspective, and the clinical expertise to formulate the decision about the treatment.

  • Formulate a question

The first step of your evidence-based nursing practice is formulating the hypothesis or research question to close the research gap. It should be a detailed, clearly worded question that sets the ultimate goal. Setting up a straightforward question, including the keywords, is essential because it will help clinicians pinpoint a course to administer.

  • Collect the best evidence

Getting high-value evidence from legitimate sources is significant because it’s the foundation of writing an evidence based practice paper. So go through topic-related articles and supporting materials like case reports or high-quality systematic reviews to achieve the main goal – find the most valuable evidence. Ensure also the chosen evidence is up-to-date and contains the necessary information related to the research questions.

  • Analyze the information

The next step after collecting data for an evidence based practice paper is critically appraising it and ensuring you found relevant evidence. E.g., you pick up two materials, and both give information on how to treat the flu. However, these have different conclusions. To decide which source you will choose, it makes sense to use personal experience and decide which source is better.

  • Synthesize the findings

The paper’s findings should be synthesized by comparing and contrasting information you use in an evidence based nursing practice. This helps to identify similarities and differences between the sources of evidence to determine the best approach. Synthesis can be done via systematic review or meta-analysis when multiple studies’ results are combined to obtain a more precise estimate.

  • Create and integrate change

After synthesizing the data, the following step requires creating a change based on the available evidence. First, it involves drafting the implementation plan within the clinical settings. Then, the new change can be adapted through policy or guidelines within the clinical settings.

Preparation of evidence-based practice nursing papers

  • Choose a topic

You can get topics from your coursework or previous papers, realize ideas from class assignments, or analyze the information from pre-reviewed sources. Moreover, you can search the Internet and develop ideas regarding evidence based practice in nursing you already have. Take notes and decide what you want to write about.

  • Discuss the details with your instructor

When figuring out what is evidence based practice in nursing, it’s essential to turn to the professor or supervisor, as well as consult on your paper and receive feedback – e.g., the chosen nursing theories, methodologies to use, or aspects to consider in findings.

  • Conduct research to gather evidence

High-quality sources from which you take evidence are key to a properly-done assignment. And simply picking the first titles that appear on the search is not what you need to compose good writing for evidence based nursing practice. So pay special attention to the selection of printed and online sources that are reputable, trustworthy & have all the needed credentials. Evaluate them critically per relevancy and relation to your topic, author’s credentials, and publish date.

Outline of a nursing evidence based practice

Just like a DNP capstone project or any other type of nursing academic paper, evidence based practice requires a comprehensive approach and a clear outline. With it, the process goes much easier, and you can be sure nothing important is missing.

  1. Title: The title outlines the EBP paper and hints at the hypothesis or thesis statement. That’s why making it concise, clear, and fine-tuned is essential.
  2. Thesis Statement: A thesis statement usually comprises one or two sentences and showcases a summary of the evidence based practice paper.
  3. Introduction: There are some essential elements for the paper’s introduction. First, it’s a presentation of the research’s background or nursing issue. Second, it clarifies a problem by composing a thorough and brief statement.
  4. Methodology: The evidence-based in nursing focuses not on the research but on processing existing knowledge or evidence. So you need to choose methodologies for data analysis and describe them. What databases do you use for your evidence based paper? What are the criteria you consider?
  5. Literature Review: Use this section to explore the references and sources chosen for writing an evidence based practice for nursing paper. Its primary purpose is to spot the study gaps and use the knowledge to develop the research.
  6. Discussion: In the discussion section, you are free to share your thoughts on the changed practice, implementation of new approaches, and evaluation strategies.
  7. Conclusion: Compose your findings from an evidence based practice in nursing and relate them to a thesis statement you formulated at the start of your investigations.
  8. References section or bibliography formatted adequately per the required referencing style.
  9. Abstract of 150-200 words, which is created after the main work on paper is done.

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