Unique Nursing Project Ideas for Your Capstone

Selecting Medical Project Topics

The first problem students usually encounter when assigned medical projects is coming up with nursing research ideas. This is why most people seek professional capstone writing service online. For whatever reason, it seems that finding the right medical project topics is more difficult for some students than doing the actual project itself.

Some of the places you can check when looking for medical research project ideas include:

  • Academic Databases: Most colleges and universities have academic databases that students can access. These databases are a good place to look for medical project ideas.
  • Scientific Publications: There are many different medical journals. Looking through different medical magazines is a way to find plenty of ideas for medical projects. If you can’t locate any of the actual journals, many of them have electronic versions online you can view.
  • Internet: Aside from academic databases and medical journals, the internet has plenty of other sources where you can find medical project ideas. Google “medical research project ideas” and there will be more hits than you will have time to read.
  • Specialized Services: Professional services like ours can offer ready-made DNP project proposal examples. You can get many good ideas from them or ask their authors for help.

Criteria for Selecting Medical Project Topics

When considering different medical project ideas you should establish some criteria that a topic idea must meet before committing yourself to it. Some of the criteria will include:

  • Assignment requirements: It may seem obvious but you need to ensure the topic idea is approved by the instructor who gave you the assignment.
  • Personal interest: It is much better to choose a topic you are personally interested in. It will make it much easier to put in the time necessary to produce a good project.
  • Topic familiarity: Choose a topic in an area you are familiar with and have studied. A topic in an area new to you may take twice as long since you have no background in it.
  • Resource availability: Make sure you can locate enough valid resource material for your topic idea. Verify the availability of resources before you settle on a topic.

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Nursing Project Ideas: Choosing Your Topic

In all nursing capstone project, you need to choose what topic you will conduct because it is your basis and it is your stepping stone in getting started.

Without any nursing research ideas or without any topic, you can never get started making your research.

nursing capstone project ideas
At first, you need to generate ideas or conduct a research on what subject you want to study. The time you are done gathering enough information, it is the time that you research on the subject and choose a certain specialty of focus you want to study so that your research will not be general or too broad. Brainstorming is also necessary and you should not forget about it. Looking on others MSN nursing capstone project examples is also a help because there are useful resources that help and guide you.

Structure of Writing the Best Nursing Research Project Paper

The capstone nursing or nursing research project paper may vary somewhat depending on the type of project completed. However basic structure usually remains the same and is shown here:

  • Abstract: Also called the Executive Summary, this is a brief overview of the nursing capstone project.
  • Introduction: Includes a statement of the topic problem, its background and importance
  • Methods:
    • Project description that includes the purpose of the project and the objective desired. The design of the project is also included.
    • Evaluation plan that describes the measures used for each objective, what instruments were used and the method of analysis
  • Results: Objectives achieved or not, unexpected results, problems encountered are among the things examined.
  • Recommendations based on results: Should changes implemented during the project be permanent and is further study required? Implications of the project results are discussed.

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Steps to Completing a Nursing Project

Student nurses are often required to complete a nursing project during the course of their studies. Nursing projects usually deal with improving procedures and processes where problems have been observed. Project size and the time devoted to it may vary which can slightly alter how steps in the project process are carried out but the basics remain the same. However, you can still ask our experts ‘write my capstone paper for me’ and get qualified help any time you may need it.

Here are the basic steps of the entire medical project procedure:

  • Select a project topic: Students normally select their own nursing project topics but will need to get approval from their instructor or a project committee.
  • Initial research: Background research on the project
  • Project proposal: The proposal states the problem that will be addressed, gives some background and tells why it is important. Detailed information of how your project will solve the problem should be provided. ( Some smaller projects may not require a proposal)
  • Implement the project: Carry out the project you designed. Data is collected and analyzed to determine the results
  • Write the nursing project paper: The paper provides the results of the project and includes discussion of the results and recommendations to be made. Much of the information included in the proposal will also be in the final paper.

Nursing Practicum Project Ideas

  • How to manage occupational stress met by healthcare workers: in selected healthcare centers in _____: Stress is a problem contributing immensely to health problem that is faced by health care workers, which decreases their efficacy. The study aims to determine the factors affecting it.
  • What are the effects of abortion? Abortion is a premature exit of products of conception from uterus. It’s the loss of pregnancy. The study aims to identify the effect of it to females.
  • What is the role of health education to improve the lives of mother and child healthcare service in private and state hospitals in _____? It is about understanding the issues, the concepts and ideas of essential healthy living strategies and conditions.
  • Discuss and research about the attitude of nurses in regards to relapse prevention for psychiatric patients: It is about the study of problems of each hospital when their targeted objective is not achieved.
  • What is maternal health status in Nigeria? A Statistical Overview: The percentage of birth with four key risk factors for mortality and morbidity changed between 1990 up to 2003 with percentage of 66.4 and 63.9.
  • Discuss about health risk awareness associated with tattooing and body piercing among the students of Enugu University of Science and Technology: The study was conducted in determining the awareness of health risks that is associated with tattooing and body piercing among undergraduate students in the Enugu State University.
  • How to predict sore ulcer risk
  • What are the risk factors among patients with pressure ulcers?
  • Ways to implement good practice in the management and/or prevention of pressure sores
  • Does pressure ulcer reflect nursing healthcare quality?

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Nursing Project Ideas: Know What to Do

Before you begin writing your project, it is essential to know what you need to do. It is important that you gather enough information that will support all your claims about your project. Presenting evidence is necessary so you should not forget it.

Nursing Senior Project Ideas: Start Doing it Now

If you have lots of time, use it in creating your project. Do not waste your time since time is gold. You need to remember that creating your nursing project needs enough time and you cannot finish it in just one day.

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