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Nursing Care Plan Writing Service

What Is Nursing Care Plan?

A nursing care plan is a plan formatted for an individual according to his nursing care needs. It helps nurses to provide all the required care in a planned way. Diagnosis, assessment, outcomes, interventions and evaluation are its necessary components. It is very helpful for the nurses, although they find it difficult to make a plan. Before writing a nursing care plan, it’s important that you understand its importance.

  • It offers directions about individual patient care.
  • The plan contains diagnosis, which makes it easy to know which problem needs immediate attention.
  • Writing a care plan in nursing offers better patient care as it acts as a communication tool between different nurses.
  • It acts as a guide about the patient needs and reflects what are the skills required from the nurses.
  • It improves the documentation skills in nurses and they can make an outline for assessments and interventions.

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Common Format of a Nursing Care Plan

Nursing care plan writing is not very difficult, yet you have to follow a format for that. The components of the format can vary from patient to patient, yet here are is a common format for the plan.

  • Diagnosis. Diagnosis is the most important component. The focus of diagnosis in to improve the health of the patient and it can be associated with related problems and those situations which are making things even worse. Different test and techniques are used for the accurate diagnosis of diseases.
  • Assessment. Assessment is about the documents and tests, which help in the diagnosis of particular diseases. It provides the basis, on which diagnosis is made. Data from different sources can be collected to provide solid ground for the diagnosis. A judgment of nurses also plays an important role.
  • Expected outcomes. Nurses write about the expected outcomes in their acute pain nursing care plan. It shows when they expect the recovery of the patient.  When the expected outcomes are achieved successfully, it is considered that the plan is successful.
  • Interventions. The actions, which are taken to get the set goals are called interventions. The interventions are planned to get the desired outcomes. Traditionally, every intervention has some reason and an important part to play in the patient’s recovery.
  • Evaluation. This is to judge the success of the interventions, made for the improvement in the patient’s health. Like in the nursing care plan for anxiety, in the evaluation section it is judged that how a patient is responding to the interventions. It also provides an action plan to the nurses, who are attending the patients in the next shift.

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5 Simplest Steps on How to Write a Nursing Care Plan

For nursing care plan for hypertension or any other problem, following are the simple steps, which can help you.

  • Data collection. It starts with a complete assessment of the patient. History of the patient and the results of the diagnostic test are collected.
  • Analyzation. It is about the interpretation of the collected data. In a nursing care plan for anxiety, it tells about the health problem, which needs immediate attention.
  • Information organization. The third step is to organize all the collected information. Nursing care plan for pneumonia is formatted on the basis of this information. Some common terms are translated in typical medical phrases.
  • Resource validation. It’s a very important step to validate resources. Commonly used resources are NOC, NIC and NANDA. It helps to correct potential mistakes.
  • Review.  When you are done with your nursing care plan for depression, you need to review it. keep in mind, a nursing plan is a legal document, which can be produced in court, if needed.

List of 25 Topic for Where Care Plan Is Written

  • Acute pain. Acute pain nursing care plan is about pain diagnosis and treatment of the actual cause of pain.
  • Hypertension. Nursing care plan for hypertension is not easy to develop as data collection is difficult in this case.
  • Anxiety. Nursing care plan for anxiety needs a lot of hard work, particularly for diagnosis.
  • Pneumonia. Nursing care plan for pneumonia is about the use of appropriate drugs.
  • Depression. Nursing care plan for depression is important to develop as the duration of treatment is quite long.
  • Infection. Risk for infection nursing care plan is important, as there is a verity of infections.
  • Aspiration. The risk for aspiration nursing care plan should be formatted very carefully as its about breathing of a patient.
  • Cardiac. Cardiac problems are very sensitive so as the decreased cardiac output nursing care plan.
  • Skin. Nursing care plan for impaired skin integrity can be associated with any other problem too.
  • Schizophrenia. Nursing care plan for schizophrenia is difficult to develop, due to the nature of this disease.
  • Cellulitis. Cellulitis is considered not a serious issue, but cellulitis nursing care plan is vital like any other problem.
  • Sepsis. Nursing care plan for sepsis is important for the management of the disease.
  • Falls. The risk for falls nursing care plan is one of the most common developed plans.
  • Diabetes. Nursing care plan for diabetes is important to keep the blood sugar level in control.
  • Anaemia. Nursing care plan for anemia is usually developed for malnourished women.
  • Asthma. Nursing care plan for asthma is helping a number of asthmatic patients to lead a normal life.
  • Heart failure. Nursing care plan for heart failure is important as the frequency of disease is increasing.
  • Diverticulitis. Nursing care plan for diverticulitis is helpful in the treatment.
  • Atrial Fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation nursing care plan should be carefully developed to cure this sensitive disease.
  • Hypertension. It a common health issue, hypertension nursing care plan helps in treatment according to the reason of this problem.
  • Stroker. Nursing care plan for stroke is helping nurses to manage this problem effectively.
  • Dementia. Nursing care plan for dementia is helping, elderly people particularly.
  • Newborn care. A newborn nursing care plan is important for the early life of newborns in this world.
  • Imbalanced nutrition. Nursing care plan for imbalanced nutrition is developed with the consultation of nutritional experts, usually.
  • Dehydration. Dehydration is a common problem yet a nursing care plan for dehydration is different for different patients.
Do you want to explore more ideas and topics for your capstone project or a nursing care plan? Download the full PDF with 100 different ideas attached below and enjoy!

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Nursing Care Plan Writing Tips

If you wonder how to write a nursing care plan, there are few writing tips, which can help you.


If you want to write a good nursing care plan for impaired physical mobility or any other problem, you need to practice a lot. More practice will make you perfect.

Use resources

When you have to develop an ineffective airway clearance nursing care plan, you can use resources. Reliable sources are available on different platforms.

Strengthen assessment and prioritization skills

Before you write a nursing care plan for seizures, you need to strengthen your assessment and prioritization skills.

Create a template

Create your own nursing care plan template, although many plans are available online.

Elements to Create Nursing Care Plans

Nursing care plans should be realistic and holistic, no matter you are developing self care deficit nursing care plan or any other plan. Few elements are important for any kind of plan, these are…

  • Diagnosis
  • Involved Risk factors
  • Expected results
  • Interventions

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Nursing Process

The nursing process is important to provide quality nursing facilities to the patients. Nursing process can be divided into different steps. Developing a hyponatremia nursing care plan is different than nursing process.

  • Assessment. It is the first phase of the nursing process. Information is collected about physical, psychological and other aspects of the patient’s health. All possible sources are used to collect data. Noncompliance nursing care plan or any other plan also involves assessment.
  • Diagnosis. It is the judgment on the basis of assessment. Sometimes more than one diagnosis is made. It also includes other problems, which can start as a result of this disease. It is a very important part of the nursing process.
  • Planning. In this phase, a plan is developed for the treatment of disease. For instance, the risk for bleeding nursing care plan is developed for the patient, who is at risk of bleeding.
  • Implementation. At this phase, a plan is implemented with care. Nursing care plan for respiratory failure is implemented to cure the breathing system of the patient. This phase can last from a few hours to a few months.
  • Evaluation. This is the last stage of the nursing process. It is judged that either goal is achieved or not and what is the extent of achievement. Possible results are described by using key terms like improving in the condition of a patient, or health stability, a patient died or discharged. If the expected goals are not met, the nursing process is again started from the first step.

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