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Nursing Quality Improvement Topics | Best Project Ideas

What Is a Quality Improvement Project for Nursing?

You will often be required to find nursing quality improvement topics either for your capstone or for smaller projects to practice your skills. Quality improvement is very much about improving the experience of your patients and the results of what you provide. This should result in greater health outcomes and improved system performance and even learning within your department.

Quality improvement is on the whole about finding ways to improve outcomes and performance. Nursing QI project ideas will typically revolve around actual or potential problems that may be identified or may be around improvements to current practice. Finding nursing presentation ideas for quality improvement, as well as DNP project ideas however, can be hard work and many students will struggle.

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What Is the Purpose of Your Quality Improvement Ideas in Nursing?

There are many healthcare projects that you could run and most will have a quality improvement side to them. Whether you look at patient safety in nursing or nursing teaching project ideas they will all be about improving outcomes.

Running a quality improvement project is all about giving you the experience and skills required to continually improve the quality of what you do. Also to instil the discipline required to drive those improvements into the processes around you. Someone that can demonstrate an ability to make significant improvements in what they do will be extremely employable in the future.

The requirements for having a good project typically revolve around the following:

Having a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve
Your project definition must be able to clearly state the current situation as it is now. It must also be able to state the desired state that you wish to be able to reach through your improvement project.
Have measures in place
To know if your project is going to make an improvement you must be able to measure what you are doing. Whether this is a scored evaluation or customer satisfaction or physical measurement of actual outcomes you must put these measures in place and have a clear baseline from which you are beginning your project.
A clear idea of the theory behind your proposed solution
Far too often people jump straight into checklists and “education” without fully considering other options that may be open to them for solving the issues. You must be able to offer a clear line of reasoning as to why you have chosen your methodology and not others.

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How to Make a Great QI Project in Nursing

From selecting the right nursing performance improvement project ideas through to writing up your capstone you must ensure that you get every step of the process spot on. If you look at nursing research proposal example of quality improvement projects in nursing you will see clearly that the standards that are expected of you for your research work and your writing are very high. But failure if this is your final capstone could lead to you failing the whole program, so this is simply not an option.

We provide you with a huge amount of support with your capstone from a good nursing research proposal example through to our writing tips for your project:

  • Select your topic with great care: all evidence based practice nursing research topics should be important enough to be solved as well as something that allows you to demonstrate your skills. If the solutions are obvious and easy then you may fail to create a paper of sufficient depth to get the results that you need. You also need to ensure that your project is feasible to run with the time and resources at hand. If you have to wait for 5 years to get your outcomes it is simply something that is not suitable for your project.
  • Understand the requirements for your paper: every program has very specific expectations as to how you will run your project through to how your final paper should be structured and written. Always ensure that you fully understand those requirements before you get to work.
  • Plan your project: even if you have months in which to conduct your research and writing it can be a shock how quickly that time will pass. Always plan every step of your project so that you have clear milestones as to when things should be completed. This ensures that you will be able to get the work done before the final deadline as well as being able to take action if things to do not go exactly to your plan.
  • Outline your paper: using the required structure for the paper you need to write you can sketch out what should be included within your writing. By outlining the content of your paper you will avoid a huge amount of rewriting later in the process and also avoid many other problems as your paper progresses.
  • Check your work with care: poor writing and analysis can cause your project paper to be rejected. Ensure that you allow plenty of time within your timing plan for revising and checking your paper prior to submission to ensure it is error free.

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Great Nursing Qi Project Ideas

  • Nursing school’s effects for nursing quality improvement
  • Government’s role for hospital’s improvement
  • Nursing quality improvement in third world countries
  • Factors affecting nursing quality improvement
  • Keys to improve nursing quality
  • Nursing quality in private hospitals compared to public hospitals
  • Risks to take in improving nursing quality
  • Officers liable for the nursing quality improvement in clinics
  • Nursing quality in home cares for elders
  • Children’s experiences with nurses in hospitals
  • Effects of vacations of nurses in nursing quality
  • Link of stress and nursing quality improvement
  • Patients’ role with nursing quality improvement
  • Status of nursing quality in a country
  • Culture’s effects with nursing quality improvement

30 Quality Improvement Ideas in Nursing to Choose From

30 great nursing qi project ideas

Healthcare Projects Ideas | 10 Nursing Intervention Research Topics

  • Interventions in suboptimal diabetes control among teenagers
  • Nursing interventions for injuries caused by mild dementia
  • Types of nursing interventions in an ICU setting
  • Effectiveness of muscle relaxation as nursing intervention for pain relief to cancer patients
  • Home-based interventions that can be done for drug dependent women
  • Home-based nursing interventions for children ages 1-6 years old with intrauterine drug exposure
  • Kinds of nursing interventions for hospitalized pediatric patients
  • Protection of pressure points through nursing interventions
  • Pain management using nursing interventions for neck cancer
  • Effects of nursing intervention when done daily

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Whether you are looking for DNP project ideas or examples of project management in nursing our site has everything that you may need. We provide you with professional tips and examples as well as access to fully qualified nursing professionals that are able to support your writing and research.

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